The all new Netscape Navigator 9!

One of the oldest players in web browser market, Netscape made their 9.0 Beta 1 live and available for download. This is the first in-house Netscape browser production since Netscape 7 as AOL outsourced development of Netscape 8 to Mercurial Communications in 2004. This time Netscape also used the word ‘Navigator’ after their Netscape Navigator version 4.08. This new version is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

This updated browser includes URL-self correction feature which autocorrect common URL misspellings. News Menu and Sidebar, In-browser voting, sidebar mini browser are some other noticeable features in addition to social network browsing features.

Similar to Netscape 8, this advanced Navigator 9 is compatible with latest Firefox 2 and have full support of all Firefox add-ons and plugins. Netscape has also been releasing some of its features as extensions for Firefox, such as Site Mail Notifier, Friends’ Activity sidebar, Digg Tracker and the new default theme for Netscape 9.


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