Twellow – A search engine for Twitter

There is a new search engine in the online world. Is it another competitor to the daddy of search engines called as Google? No, its a new search tool for discovering Twitter users that may change the way people use the microblogging service and it has been named as called Twellow.

Twellow has indexed approximately 300,000 Twitter users and sorted them into categories such as marketing, graphic design, entertainment, education and several others. This will help to find users at a same place who have mentioned these keywords in their Twitter biographies. They have also created sub-categories as well for example, Entertainment has television, humor, entertainers etc. as its sub categories.

By default, if you search for some keyword, results are sorted according to number of followers. However, you can also sort the list as per most recent activity. If you are unable to find yourself over Twellow then you may also add yourself. It also provides you an option to subscribe for RSS feeds for each category and its sub-category which will be very useful to track tweets or follow contacts from a specific category.


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