Signs of Facebok Addiction

Do you have an account on Facebook? Are you pretty active on it? Then you could be an addict to Facebook. Facebook is growing the number of its attractive apps which are helping it to increase the active users database. However now it looks that Facebook is taking over people’s lives. We are becoming addicted to Social Media Networking websites, primarily Facebook.
Do you deny being an addict to Facebook? Then read the following points:
  1. Do you procrastinate your important work to check your Facebook account?
  2. You update your status message atleast 3 times a day. You let everyone know what’s happening with you.
  3. You are in a race with your friends to increase your connections.
  4. Even if you are at your friend or relative’s home you lookout for internet to check your Facebook account.
  5. You spend atleast an hour checking out the new applications and reading wall posts.

Next time you connect to internet and the first website you open is Facebook then you dont even need to read the above points. 😉


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