Its time to say ‘Bye’ to Old Twitter

After moving away from Old Twitter ten months ago and asking users to shift to New Twitter, now its time to say ‘Bye’ to Old Twitter. All users will be upgraded (seems like a package 🙂 ) automatically within this week. For Nine months the message displayed at the top of screens was just asking users to switchContinue reading “Its time to say ‘Bye’ to Old Twitter”

LinkedIn IPO at $45 per share

LinkedIn’s shares will be traded under “LNKD” symbol in New York Stock Exchange and its shares will be offered at $42 to $45 per share. It is expected that LinkedIn will raise a sum of $350 million from its initial public offering on Thursday which is almost double than the initially planned $175 million inContinue reading “LinkedIn IPO at $45 per share”

2 Tools for Tracking Twitter Unfollowers

Its always good to follow people who tweets matching your interest area but its equally important to unfollow spammers and dead accounts. There are several websites available over the internet which helps you identify and understand your Twitter followers. I discussed about Qwitter around couple of years ago which sends you a weekly email telling about peopleContinue reading “2 Tools for Tracking Twitter Unfollowers”

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking website which allows you to tell the world, “What are you doing?” by short text messages of 140 characters in length, called “Tweets“. These tweets are  displayed on your profile page called as “Timeline” and gets posted directly on your friends Twitter timelines who are called as “Followers”Continue reading “What is Twitter?”

Facebook Values Itself at $3.7 Billion (Or Less)

When Microsoft bought a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook back in October 2007, it paid 240 million dollars for the preferred stock, which meant that the company was valued at roughly 15 billion dollars. A big discussion broke out over whether Facebook was really worth that much, or 15 billion was an unrealistic number. ItContinue reading “Facebook Values Itself at $3.7 Billion (Or Less)”

Signs of Facebok Addiction

Do you have an account on Facebook? Are you pretty active on it? Then you could be an addict to Facebook. Facebook is growing the number of its attractive apps which are helping it to increase the active users database. However now it looks that Facebook is taking over people’s lives. We are becoming addictedContinue reading “Signs of Facebok Addiction”

Now you can use Gtalk in Facebook

Facebook has integrated GTalk application which means that now you’ll just need to have an existing Google account in order to use this application on Facebook. Both your Facebook friends and your Google friends will appear in your buddy list and you can chat to them from within the Facebook. Its a nice feature whichContinue reading “Now you can use Gtalk in Facebook”

Twellow – A search engine for Twitter

There is a new search engine in the online world. Is it another competitor to the daddy of search engines called as Google? No, its a new search tool for discovering Twitter users that may change the way people use the microblogging service and it has been named as called Twellow. Twellow has indexed approximately 300,000Continue reading “Twellow – A search engine for Twitter”

Living without Twitter with No Regrets

I was going through my normal routine this morning of IV’ing my daily allotment of caffeine into my system, reading my email, going through my blog feeds in FeedDemon and then finishing up with a good round of FriendFeed when I realized something. My Twitter client wasn’t running, and in fact, it hadn’t been runningContinue reading “Living without Twitter with No Regrets”

LinkedIn launches Facebook like application

Linkedin has launched a Facebook application called “My Company’s Hiring” for users to post open positions in their company. This application works best for Facebook users that are actually in charge of hiring process. You’ll need to manually input the positions and their desriptions, and you can include an external link for additional information as well.Continue reading “LinkedIn launches Facebook like application”

Twitter Got $15 Million in Funding

Twitter finally cleared all silent whispers regarding the $15 Million funding. Still not confirmed but according to the rumors, Boston based Spark Capital is the new lead investor in this funding. Existing investor Union Square Ventures also participated in the funding. This new funding will bring Twitter’s valuation to about $80 million. This funding is timelyContinue reading “Twitter Got $15 Million in Funding”

Man sent to Jail for Fake Facebook Account

An IT engineer of Morocco, Fouad Mourtada; aged 26 year-old  has been arrested for making a fake Facebook profile of Prince Moulay Rachid, the younger brother of King Mohammed VI. While the fake profile was created just as a prank but it landed Mourtada in jail. He’s now facing up to 5 years in prison.Continue reading “Man sent to Jail for Fake Facebook Account”

Facebook Expands Data Center Space

Facebook has leased space in a state-of-the-art data center in Ashburn, Virginia to power the huge growth of its social networking service. The addition of 10,000 square feet of space in a new facility built by DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) will allow Facebook to expand its server infrastructure. The lease is for the second phaseContinue reading “Facebook Expands Data Center Space”

Is Facebook feeling Threat from Twitter?

Facebook started a new concept of copying other websites to enhance its features. The users  can  now post their “Status Updates” just like Twitter allowing them to  tell their friends what they are doing at any point of time. So Facebook has copied or imbibed a feature similar to Twitter with a minor change enablingContinue reading “Is Facebook feeling Threat from Twitter?”

Google and Yahoo willing to acquire Rediff

Google and Yahoo are trying to acquire India Ltd, which runs one of India’s most popular consumer Internet portals. Rediff is one of the India based Nasdaq-listed company and they are in talks with the global companies for a negotiated takeover deal. It has to be noted that India is now emerging as a strong global economyContinue reading “Google and Yahoo willing to acquire Rediff”

Microsoft Attempts Another Low-Cost PC Solution for India

AMD and Microsoft, two great tastes that taste great together, are teaming up to sell a new PC, the IQ, in Bangalore and Pune, India for about $513. The PCs run Windows Vista Basic — no flying windows for you, kids — and Works along with some test prep and English learning programs as wellContinue reading “Microsoft Attempts Another Low-Cost PC Solution for India”

Now, Feedburner is a Google Company

Feedburner, a useful RSS (RDF Site Summary)Management firm have announced that they have been acquired by Google. Feedburner was founded in 2003 in Chicago and raised around $10 million in venture capital funding. This website allows users to manage their RSS feeds and track usage statistics of their subscribers as well. Feedburner can be integrated withContinue reading “Now, Feedburner is a Google Company”

The all new Netscape Navigator 9!

One of the oldest players in web browser market, Netscape made their 9.0 Beta 1 live and available for download. This is the first in-house Netscape browser production since Netscape 7 as AOL outsourced development of Netscape 8 to Mercurial Communications in 2004. This time Netscape also used the word ‘Navigator’ after their Netscape NavigatorContinue reading “The all new Netscape Navigator 9!”