Leader of Social Media Network – MySpace

MySpace remains king of the social networking category, according to Hitwise, taking in 79.7% of visits to sites in this category ofr the Month of April, 2007. Facebook is second, with 11.47% of visits, and Bebo comes in third with 1.28% of visits. MySpace’s traffic has increased 70%. Facebook’s increase in traffic is largely dueContinue reading “Leader of Social Media Network – MySpace”

Facebook launches “Share” Feature

Facebook has launched a “Share” feature, allowing users to post content to their Facebook profiles by clicking a button. This means you can post YouTube clips, Photobucket photos and more to your Facebook profiles and even have the videos play on the profile itself. In addition to this, if you want to share some articleContinue reading “Facebook launches “Share” Feature”

Why Zuckerberg Won’t Accept Just $1 Billion from Yahoo

Following the YouTube-Google acquisition, many analysts were predicting that Yahoo would make their move and snap up Facebook. A few weeks later, it seems the deal has gone stone cold, with neither party particularly keen to get a deal signed immediately. Meanwhile, Facebook has rolled out a number of features that have received a mixedContinue reading “Why Zuckerberg Won’t Accept Just $1 Billion from Yahoo”

Yahoo’s bid to buy Facebook

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has offered Facebook an amount that could be approximately $1 billion in a bid to purchase it. Facebook is second largest social networking website in the US. Yahoo has been talking to Facebook over the past year.  Facebook also had discussions with Microsoft and Viacom. Earlier as wellContinue reading “Yahoo’s bid to buy Facebook”

‘Events’ on Facebook

Facebook is attracting group of people to their website to connect through ‘Events’ feature allowing them to organize and plan events. This feature is proving to be very successful for organizing parties and other small events. Active users of Facebook can join events and submit their RSVP. Moreover, users can also invite and recommend friendsContinue reading “‘Events’ on Facebook”

Facebook Ads, Powered by Microsoft

Hot on the heels of the MySpace-Google deal comes news from the NY Times that Facebook (Facebook) have inked a three year agreement with Microsoft, making adCenter the exclusive provider of banner ads and sponsored links on the site. The deal is quite clearly a reaction to the MySpace (MySpace) ad deal, since the seriousContinue reading “Facebook Ads, Powered by Microsoft”

Birth of Facebook

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg which was originally called as ‘Thefacebook’. He started it as one of his hobby projects when he was at Harvard University. He was able to get some financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Mark Zuckerberg’s two more friends from Harvard; Dustin Moskovitz & Chris Hughes came in to help himContinue reading “Birth of Facebook”

Facebook Account

Finally after so many requests from friends and continuously deleting all of them to join Facebook, I announce my reactivation of Facebook Account. LoL…!!! Its pretty different from Orkut and it has many things to play around. I’ll definitely going to take some time to learn it. BTW, it has a nice feature of NotificationsContinue reading “Facebook Account”

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Answers today, a service similar to Yahoo Answers that lets you ask questions to members of your network. It should be noted that Google has recently closed down its Google Answers platform due to less activity and unacceptability by mass. If successful, Linkedin can increase activity on the site. You enterContinue reading “LinkedIn Answers”