Signs of Facebok Addiction

Do you have an account on Facebook? Are you pretty active on it? Then you could be an addict to Facebook. Facebook is growing the number of its attractive apps which are helping it to increase the active users database. However now it looks that Facebook is taking over people’s lives. We are becoming addicted to Social Media Networking websites, primarily Facebook.
Do you deny being an addict to Facebook? Then read the following points:
  1. Do you procrastinate your important work to check your Facebook account?
  2. You update your status message atleast 3 times a day. You let everyone know what’s happening with you.
  3. You are in a race with your friends to increase your connections.
  4. Even if you are at your friend or relative’s home you lookout for internet to check your Facebook account.
  5. You spend atleast an hour checking out the new applications and reading wall posts.

Next time you connect to internet and the first website you open is Facebook then you dont even need to read the above points. 😉

Now you can use Gtalk in Facebook

Facebook has integrated GTalk application which means that now you’ll just need to have an existing Google account in order to use this application on Facebook. Both your Facebook friends and your Google friends will appear in your buddy list and you can chat to them from within the Facebook.

Its a nice feature which will help users to spend more time on Facebook as they can save the time shifting between Gtalk & Facebook 😉

Twellow – A search engine for Twitter

There is a new search engine in the online world. Is it another competitor to the daddy of search engines called as Google? No, its a new search tool for discovering Twitter users that may change the way people use the microblogging service and it has been named as called Twellow.

Twellow has indexed approximately 300,000 Twitter users and sorted them into categories such as marketing, graphic design, entertainment, education and several others. This will help to find users at a same place who have mentioned these keywords in their Twitter biographies. They have also created sub-categories as well for example, Entertainment has television, humor, entertainers etc. as its sub categories.

By default, if you search for some keyword, results are sorted according to number of followers. However, you can also sort the list as per most recent activity. If you are unable to find yourself over Twellow then you may also add yourself. It also provides you an option to subscribe for RSS feeds for each category and its sub-category which will be very useful to track tweets or follow contacts from a specific category.

Living without Twitter with No Regrets

I was going through my normal routine this morning of IV’ing my daily allotment of caffeine into my system, reading my email, going through my blog feeds in FeedDemon and then finishing up with a good round of FriendFeed when I realized something. My Twitter client wasn’t running, and in fact, it hadn’t been running for almost three days.

You know what?

I hadn’t missed not seeing all those tweets go by one little bit, which made me wonder if this whole thing about being available all the time wasn’t as important as it is cracked up to be. After all, I successfully get all my important stuff dealt with through either email or IM. As a matter of fact someone who wanted to talk to me about something specific got a hold of me with no problem via both Skype and MSN Messenger because that information is right there on my WinExtra blog’s About page. It wasn’t until this morning when I was checking my email that I even knew that he had followed me on Twitter.

Sure I use FriendFeed and some will say that is the same thing, only a little different. Well if it is the same or even the same but a little different, why do I need to worry about Twitter anymore? The funny thing is that I probably wouldn’t have been interested in Twitter as much as I have been if it wasn’t for the fact that I wrote a desktop client for it at one time. I might have gotten caught up in it the same way that I have with FriendFeed but there is the rub – why do I need both anymore?

As it is, I have enough communication tools running at any one time on my system that if someone really needs to get a hold of me they can. Whether it be by email, IRC, IM or even FriendFeed, I am reachable. Do we really need to have this feeling that we must be in constant contact with people? What is this pressure for constant contact really bringing to the table for us? I always joke in the WinExtra IRC chatroom that “Just because it’s called a chatroom doesn’t mean you have to chat” and I have seen the better part of the day go by before anyone says anything other than “pass the coffee.”

Communication is a great thing but over-communication I think can also be a detriment. We seem to want to spend so much time talking about literally nothing in order it seems to justify our use of these tools. Communication tools are meant to enhance our lives and our work but it seems that they have become more of a means to lose ourselves in the mundane instead.

Do you really need this hyper-connectivity or could you live without Twitter as well?


LinkedIn launches Facebook like application

Linkedin has launched a Facebook application called “My Company’s Hiring” for users to post open positions in their company. This application works best for Facebook users that are actually in charge of hiring process. You’ll need to manually input the positions and their desriptions, and you can include an external link for additional information as well. The positions will show on your profile and the newsfeed as well with the external link included. While the application was created by LinkedIn, there is no direct relation between this application and your LinkedIn account, so there’s no good way to leverage your actual LinkedIn contacts or account information for this application.

Twitter Got $15 Million in Funding

Twitter finally cleared all silent whispers regarding the $15 Million funding. Still not confirmed but according to the rumors, Boston based Spark Capital is the new lead investor in this funding. Existing investor Union Square Ventures also participated in the funding. This new funding will bring Twitter’s valuation to about $80 million.

This funding is timely as Twitter is clearly experiencing a growth spurt in users with constant server outages. The interesting trend to watch will be the advertising standard that will be used in micro-blogging services like Twitter.

Man sent to Jail for Fake Facebook Account

An IT engineer of Morocco, Fouad Mourtada; aged 26 year-old  has been arrested for making a fake Facebook profile of Prince Moulay Rachid, the younger brother of King Mohammed VI. While the fake profile was created just as a prank but it landed Mourtada in jail. He’s now facing up to 5 years in prison. Mainly the countries with monarchies don’t like when the fun or prank is directed to the royal family. The authorities considered such a joke to be classified as identity theft, and don’t find the situation funny in the slightest. However, the question is that for how long can a person be punished for creating a fake account?

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