Is Facebook feeling Threat from Twitter?

Facebook started a new concept of copying other websites to enhance its features. The users  can  now post their “Status Updates” just like Twitter allowing them to  tell their friends what they are doing at any point of time. So Facebook has copied or imbibed a feature similar to Twitter with a minor change enabling the posting and reading with status updates via SMS. It’s a move that kills off any possibility of a link up between the two. Google and Yahoo are most likely to be interested in buying Twitter these days. Yahoo would most likely buy it because it’s cool and then recently it failed to acquire Facebook. That said, Yahoo is currently ahead of Google when it comes to interest in expanding to big social media networks.


Google and Yahoo willing to acquire Rediff

Google and Yahoo are trying to acquire India Ltd, which runs one of India’s most popular consumer Internet portals. Rediff is one of the India based Nasdaq-listed company and they are in talks with the global companies for a negotiated takeover deal.

It has to be noted that India is now emerging as a strong global economy with a growth in both telephone penetration and Internet in urban areas. is an online provider of news, email communication, entertainment and shopping services.

Rediff’s stock took a sharp jump in share price and volume on Nasdaq during the last week. On July 12, Rediff shares  closed at $26.46 and more than 3.3 million shares traded hands. The company has a current market capitalisation of $738 million. It is speculated that if the deal gets through then the valuation may be close to $1 billion dollars.

Now, Feedburner is a Google Company

Feedburner, a useful RSS (RDF Site Summary)Management firm have announced that they have been acquired by Google. Feedburner was founded in 2003 in Chicago and raised around $10 million in venture capital funding. This website allows users to manage their RSS feeds and track usage statistics of their subscribers as well.

Feedburner can be integrated with Google analytics and can be incorporated into its ads systems. This also means that Google will definitely include Feedburner its current offerings and future growth.